To all who preordered the Music of Transparent Means lathe-cut record Chord From The Second Delphic Hymn:

I am sorry to say I have some very bad news. I received the discs yesterday and the audio is of such shocking quality that I am not in any way prepared to release them. Basically there is severe and constant clipping throughout the entire track, even during passages where the original audio volume is low, and an extremely narrow and inconsistent frequency range (extremely bassy in some parts, extremely trebley in others). In addition to this, on some discs, other music has bled into the audio signal somehow, either via radio interference or simply due to the cutters responding to external vibrations in the air. In short, they are flawed beyond any acceptable level.

I have talked to Peter the record maker. He is baffled about the bleed through problem, but has deduced that the clipping and narrow frequency is harmonic distortion caused by interaction between left and right channels that has for some reason occurred during the process of transferring to record. How he did not pick up on this before cutting the whole batch and shipping them I have no idea, as they are completely unlistenable. He said he did not listen to the test record as closely as he could have and that he could possibly fix it with a second run, although possibly not.

Unfortunately, although I would love to try a second run, my move to America is now 6 weeks away and I have absolutely no time or money left to spend on this. Although Peter is giving me a reimbursement for the discs themselves, my postage, printing and international call costs are not redeemable, thus I have already lost around $300. So regretfully the project has to be abandoned.

For those who have paid money, I am now taking steps to reimburse you in full as quickly as possible. But you have three options to consider. The release will still happen, but in CD-R format at $17 each (including postage). So you may opt for either (1) a full reimbursement, (2) a reimbursement of $18 with a copy the CD release, which will be ready and posted no later that 31 August, or (3) a copy the CD release along with another item from the Vanished Records catalogue.

If you have not received this information via email, please contact me as soon as possible stating which option you decide upon, with your bank details so I may transfer the refund via direct deposit straight away. I am also able to refund you via PayPal or cheque, although direct deposit is preferrable. All bank details will be dealt with in the strictest confidence and discarded upon completion of the transfer.

For those who had reserved a copy but not paid, there is no need to contact me unless you would like to order a copy of the CD.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation, and for supporting this project from the word go. Obviously I bear this news with great disappointment, but I'm looking foward now to moving on and getting Chord From The Second Delphic Hymn out on CD.


Alex Carpenter
8 August 2007