The Live Video Delay System is an invention which combines live performed actions (danced, drawn, light-operated) and digital video buffering (delay) to create a unique type of visual improvisation.

Performed actions are captured through a color-isolating camera and layered upon playback with previous cyclical generations, providing material for the performer to build on in a highly intuitive and organic way. The system engages the performer in a focused, ecstatic process of observing and responding, as the accumulating material suggests paths to follow and takes on a life of its own.

The system has been utilized in shooting sessions at MELA Foundation (NYC), 3rd & B'zaar (NYC) and privately, presented live at The Tank (NYC) and Diapason Gallery (Brooklyn), and showcased through screenings at Pianos (NYC), LMAKProjects (NYC), Microscope Gallery (Brooklyn), Cafe Orwell (Brooklyn), Open House (Brooklyn), Artomatic (Washington D.C.), 3rd & B'zaar (NYC), Revision Lounge and Gallery (NYC) and the Korea Experimental Arts Festival (Seoul).

Performance, installation and screening opportunities are sought in New York and worldwide on an ongoing basis. Please contact me (Alex) for more information.


For a thorough overview of the first laser-drawing-based system, and to become acquainted with the overall principles of the system, please see my essay, Notes on the Evolution of the Live Video Delay System.

To read about the expansion of the system to include the human form as subject, as well as some thoughts on delay of a more philosophical nature, please see my book For Alma.

A timeline of video delay activities can be found in the event archive.

To view pieces from the first three shooting sessions, please visit the collection pages below:

MELA Foundation (NYC) MELA Foundation (NYC) Duke Street Building (Alexandria, VA)
September 21, 2009 September 14-17, 2010 July 1-4, 2012