Alex Carpenter is an Australian artist and researcher living in New York City. He has performed and recorded extensively as a soloist playing guitar via a multi-amp and delay network he calls the live audio delay system, and has also coordinated numerous group performance events as founder and director of the large-scale minimalist orchestra Music of Transparent Means.

Alex's most recent activity has centered around his live video delay system, a visual counterpart to the audio system which employs multiple color-isolating cameras and digital video buffering (delay) to facilitate a unique live layering of performed visual material. The system was first installed (privately) at New York's MELA Foundation in 2009, and continues to be shown in performance and on screen internationally.

Alex has shared bills with artists such as Francisco Lopez (Madrid), Will Guthrie (Melbourne), Kyle Bobby Dunn, Richard Lainhart and Ella Joyce Buckley (NYC), and performed at numerous venues in Adelaide, Melbourne, NYC and Washington DC, including (in NYC) Diapason, Issue Project Room, LMAKProjects, The Church and Microscope Gallery.

In addition to the above projects, Alex co-operates a vintage shop in Manhattan's East Village with his partner, and is active as a foley artist and foley editor for film and television.